TheraPlus Massage Gun
TheraPlus Massage Gun
TheraPlus Massage Gun

TheraPlus Massage Gun

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Premium Quality Percussion Therapy - Backed by Sports Scientists šŸŒ


Stall Force: 14kg

Amplitude: 12mm

Speed Settings: 1-30 levels

Noise level: 30-50 dB

Battery Life: 2-4 hours

Attachments: 6

Warranty: 18 months


Meet your
personal masseuse

Our massage therapy guns are used to relieve your muscles from stiffness or soreness & circulate blood flow to various areas.

Perfect for Athletes

It's perfect for athletes looking to accelerate recovery after workouts or sports to reduce injuries. It's great for personal use as a physical therapy gun which can improve the overall health of the body soft tissues, prevent inflammationĀ caused by adhesion between the fascia and muscles.

Other benefits include

Pain Relief

Increase Blood Flow

Increase Range of Motion


High-torque brushless motor

Interchangeable attachments

Our massage guns come with 6 head types that are suitable for different types of therapy.